find clarity through astrological study

Let’s face it. Astrology is having a moment. From Mercury retrograde to Full Moon rituals - it seems like everyone is paying attention to the cosmic pulse. With a unique spoken and written language, astrological concepts can quickly become confusing even for the astro-curious.

This is why I’ve created this program - to help you learn how to ‘speak’ astrology!

As a consulting astrologer, I’ve been professionally translating the stars for the last decade. As complex as astrology can be, I believe anyone can learn the basic concepts & language needed to become conversant in astrology.

Astro 101 is a four month program where you will learn the four building blocks of astrology: Planets, Signs, Houses & Aspects with a small, focused group of cosmic cohorts. 

Content is housed in an easy to navigate classroom that you can access on your computer or smartphone app.

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