The Moon + Pluto: What's happening this week? (Moonclub sneak peek)

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2021
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Kristina Wingeier
The Moon + Pluto: What's happening this week? (Moonclub sneak peek)

This audio file is a clip from the 25-minute transmission that is shared with members of Moonclub on the First + Third Quarter Moons. Want to join and hear the full audio or video? Click here to learn about all the perks of the Moonclub membership.

We are just over 1 week into this new lunar cycle that began with the New Moon in Libra. This particular First Quarter Moon in Capricorn inspires us to make a choice or an action in order to relieve underlying tension. 

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign which has a drive to achieve and build over the long term.

This Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Lord of the Underworld and the Dead; an intense and challenging aspect.

Pluto works with transformation, power, and renewal.

There may be a challenge that is coming up from your past into the forefront here as you try to resolve that tension. There may be a feeling of grief and loss as you address this situation.

This lunar phase is asking: How can you find a new...

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Getting down to business

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Kristina Wingeier
Getting down to business


The Moon is waxing all week long, culminating in our second Aquarius Full Moon on Sunday. The Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter, bringing a generous outlook to an something that was feeling rather ominous at the previous Aquarius Full Moon.

A buoyant Sun/Jupiter opposition might just make you feel like you can accomplish anything; Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo helps you deliver on your word.

Both Mercury & Mars trine a stationary Uranus in Taurus. These back to back earth trines can help you intuit new ways of performing whatever tasks are on your to-do list with efficient organization. 

The week ends with the Sun slipping into Virgo a few hours after the Aquarius Full Moon, bringing everything down to earth. It's time to enjoy the final days of summer as we prepare for the new schedules that fall demands.

Aspects covered in this week's audio include:

WED AUG 18: Mercury/Mars conjunction @ 12° Virgo 48'

THURS AUG 19: Sun in Leo opposes...

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Fertile Transformations

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Kristina Wingeier
Fertile Transformations


Lady Luna is growing into the promises made at the Leo New Moon all week long, inviting us to hold a creative vision for our lives and for all life on planet earth. 

The question is, how will you bring your biggest dreams down to earth? Allow any challenges, disappointments or setbacks early on to become fertile compost for new growth.

Find the courage in your heart to take a leap of faith into your own best destiny. Harness the discipline you need to tend the seeds of your dream with loving devotion.

With Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo from August 11th - 15th your powers of discernment are on point. It's time to refine your mind, your workspace & your communications. Once Venus enters Libra, conversation become an expression of beauty. 

Aspects covered in this audio include:

MON AUG 9: Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune rx in Pisces @ 22°41'

TUES AUG 10: Mercury in Leo opposes Jupiter rx in Aquarius @ 28° 24'

WED AUG 11: Mercury...

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Courageous Compassion

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Kristina Wingeier
Courageous Compassion


This week's astrology calls for courageous compassion.

Mercury breaks away from it's conjunction with the Sun, first on the scene with a trine to Chiron. The Sun, never to be outdone, makes these same aspect a few days later. They are reminding you that healing is happening, and whatever you are focusing on (the wound or the wisdom) is going to be amplified in your heart and mind.

Venus is in harmony with Uranus, inspiring you to clear clutter and get organized in order to improve the functionality of your life. This aspect can kickstart a good cleanup if you let it.

Mercury and the Sun make sequential squares to Uranus, inviting you to break away from habitual ways of thinking and/or reacting to triggers. These aspects can feel a little volatile if you are feeling ungrounded; unexpected news or a change of plans may be part of life this week. How can you work with the resources you have in an unconventional way? 

We end the week with our New Moon...

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Astro Insights July 26 - August 1

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Kristina Wingeier
Astro Insights July 26 - August 1


Three sign changes shift the tenor of the cosmic pulse this week.

Mercury in Leo invites us to speak from our hearts, while Jupiter's return to Aquarius will bring a generous expansion of the mind. Mars receives operating instructions from retrograde Jupiter before hitting the ground running in Virgo, where motivation for organization becomes an extreme sport.

August begins with a reactivation of the Saturn/Uranus square from the perspective of a Sun/Mercury conjunction. This inspired meet-up brings conviction + clarity, and their opposition to a retrograde Saturn helps us face the fear of change with newfound strength. 

Aspects covered in this week's audio include:

TUES JULY 27: Mercury enters Leo

WED JULY 28: Jupiter rx enters Aquarius 

THURS JULY 29: Mars in Leo opposes Jupiter rx in Aquarius

THURS JULY 29: Mars enters Virgo

SUN AUG 1: Sun/Mercury conjunction @ 9° Leo 33'

SUN AUG 1: Mercury in Leo opposes Saturn rx in Aquarius @...

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Astro Insights July 19 - 25

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Kristina Wingeier
Astro Insights July 19 - 25


Aspects covered in this week's audio include:

MON JULY 19: Mercury in Cancer square Chiron rx in Aries @ 12° 55'

How are you translating the information that your wounds are sending you? Are you responding to the present moment or being pulled into the past? Feelings are important messengers, and, they aren't always telling you the truth. Be gentle with yourself.

WED JULY 21: Venus enters Virgo

After weeks of partying in Leo, Venus in Virgo brings things back down to earth in Virgo. Time to focus on simple, practical strategies in love, money & health. It's time to prioritize simple pleasures in your life. Discernment is key.

THURS JULY 22: Venus in Virgo opposes Jupiter rx in Pisces @ 0° 36'

Sometimes you just want to take the easy way out, the path of least resistance. But has this path been serving your best interests? Keep your commitments to yourself today, and have faith that healing is happening. There's magic in the mundane.



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Astro Insights July 12 - 18

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Kristina Wingeier
Astro Insights July 12 - 18


Aspects covered in this weeks audio include:

MON JULY 12: Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter rx in Pisces @ 1° 24'

Jupiter wants you to have faith in your healing and attune to the wisdom of your higher mind.

TUES JULY 13: Venus/Mars conjunction @ 19° Leo 49'

The union of opposites stokes the creative fires of your Leo house. Are you ready to receive your heart's true desire? 

THURS JULY 15: Sun in Cancer trine Neptune rx in Pisces @ 23° 06'

Neptune makes everything a little fuzzy. If the wind is knocked out of your sails, allow yourself to float downstream. Messages are found in the reflection of clouds on the water.

SAT JULY 17: Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto rx in Capricorn @ 25° 34'

Feelings of loss, loneliness or insecurity may arise from the depths. What helps you to feel safe and supported when life looms too large? 


Additional aspects (covered on the Cosmic Weather Channel) include:

Pallas Athene station retrograde...

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Astro Insights July 5 - 11

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Kristina Wingeier
Astro Insights July 5 - 11


Aspects covered in this week's audio include: 

TUES JULY 6: Mercury in Gemini square Neptune rx in Pisces @ 23° 10

TUES JULY 6: Venus in Leo opposes Saturn rx in Aquarius @ 12° 01' 

THURS JULY 8: Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus @ 14° 04'

FRI JULY 9: New Moon @ 18° Cancer 02'

SUN JULY 11: Mercury enters Cancer through August 11


Subscribe to the Cosmic Weather Channel for daily astro insights.

MoonClub is open for new members through July 7th.

Cosmic Weather Channel & MoonClub Combo 


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Astro Insights June 28 - July 4

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Kristina Wingeier
Astro Insights June 28 - July 4

Astro Insights for June 28 - July 1

THURS JULY 1: Mars in Leo opposes Saturn rx in Aquarius @ 12° 21'

Personal desires are at the forefront with Mars in Leo. The opposition to Saturn highlights the challenge of balancing individual wants and collective needs. 

FRI JULY 2: Mars in Leo trine Chiron in Aries @ 12° 51'

Tempers may be quick to rise today as any residual frustration around limitations or restrictions stirs up childhood wounds.

SAT JULY 3: Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus @ 13° 55'

Uranus provides the fuel for Mars' lit match. Unexpected outbursts are possible; it's best to stay in your lane today.

SUN JULY 4: Sun in Cancer square Chiron in Aries @ 12° 53'

If you or someone you love is feeling triggered, offering emotional presence can work wonders at de-escalating conflict.

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Big wave surfing

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Kristina Wingeier
Big wave surfing


MON JUNE 21: Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces @ 23° 12'

Cancer Season begins with some big waves rolling through the week. Today's trine from the Goddess of Love to Mystic Neptune is perfect for reading poetry by the sea or sharing heart truths to a trusted friend. 

TUES JUNE 22: Mercury stations direct @ 16° Gemini 08'

Mercury retrograde may be over, but it will take a couple of weeks before the clarity and speed you are wanting is here. Puzzle pieces will fall into place when you pace yourself. What is the new perspective that will allow you to access the levity you seek?

WED JUNE 23: Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter rx in Pisces @ 2° 10; Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto rx in Capricorn @ 26° 07'

Venus views a future encounter with the Lord of the Underworld in today's opposition. It might feel a little scary, but you've got time to begin letting go of things that are way past their shelf life. Sun trine...

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