Courageous Compassion

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Kristina Wingeier
Courageous Compassion


This week's astrology calls for courageous compassion.

Mercury breaks away from it's conjunction with the Sun, first on the scene with a trine to Chiron. The Sun, never to be outdone, makes these same aspect a few days later. They are reminding you that healing is happening, and whatever you are focusing on (the wound or the wisdom) is going to be amplified in your heart and mind.

Venus is in harmony with Uranus, inspiring you to clear clutter and get organized in order to improve the functionality of your life. This aspect can kickstart a good cleanup if you let it.

Mercury and the Sun make sequential squares to Uranus, inviting you to break away from habitual ways of thinking and/or reacting to triggers. These aspects can feel a little volatile if you are feeling ungrounded; unexpected news or a change of plans may be part of life this week. How can you work with the resources you have in an unconventional way? 

We end the week with our New Moon in Leo, bringing a reset to this area of your life. What needs recognition here? Where do you need to shine your light? What is your bravest and most loving response to life? Want more lunar goodness? Moonclub is open through Friday, August 6th. 

Aspects covered in this audio include:

MON AUG 2: Mercury in Leo trine Chiron rx in Aries @ 12° 47'

MON AUG 2: Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus @ 14° 41'

TUES AUG 3: Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus @ 14° 41'

WED AUG 4: Sun in Leo trine Chiron rx in Aries @ 12° 45'

FRI AUG 6: Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus @ 14° 43'

SUN AUG 8: New Moon @ 16° Leo 14'

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