Fertile Transformations

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Kristina Wingeier
Fertile Transformations


Lady Luna is growing into the promises made at the Leo New Moon all week long, inviting us to hold a creative vision for our lives and for all life on planet earth. 

The question is, how will you bring your biggest dreams down to earth? Allow any challenges, disappointments or setbacks early on to become fertile compost for new growth.

Find the courage in your heart to take a leap of faith into your own best destiny. Harness the discipline you need to tend the seeds of your dream with loving devotion.

With Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo from August 11th - 15th your powers of discernment are on point. It's time to refine your mind, your workspace & your communications. Once Venus enters Libra, conversation become an expression of beauty. 

Aspects covered in this audio include:

MON AUG 9: Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune rx in Pisces @ 22°41'

TUES AUG 10: Mercury in Leo opposes Jupiter rx in Aquarius @ 28° 24'

WED AUG 11: Mercury enters Virgo through August 29th

WED AUG 11: Venus in Virgo trine Pluto rx in Capricorn @ 24° 59'

SUN AUG 14: Venus enters Libra through September 10th


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