Astro Insights July 26 - August 1

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Kristina Wingeier
Astro Insights July 26 - August 1


Three sign changes shift the tenor of the cosmic pulse this week.

Mercury in Leo invites us to speak from our hearts, while Jupiter's return to Aquarius will bring a generous expansion of the mind. Mars receives operating instructions from retrograde Jupiter before hitting the ground running in Virgo, where motivation for organization becomes an extreme sport.

August begins with a reactivation of the Saturn/Uranus square from the perspective of a Sun/Mercury conjunction. This inspired meet-up brings conviction + clarity, and their opposition to a retrograde Saturn helps us face the fear of change with newfound strength. 

Aspects covered in this week's audio include:

TUES JULY 27: Mercury enters Leo

WED JULY 28: Jupiter rx enters Aquarius 

THURS JULY 29: Mars in Leo opposes Jupiter rx in Aquarius

THURS JULY 29: Mars enters Virgo

SUN AUG 1: Sun/Mercury conjunction @ 9° Leo 33'

SUN AUG 1: Mercury in Leo opposes Saturn rx in Aquarius @ 10° 13'

SUN AUG 1: Sun in Leo opposes Saturn rx in Aquarius @ 10° 11'

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