Astrological Forecast Feb 15 - 21

all dates PST


  • Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus @ 7° 14'

The Saturn/Uranus square is the astro aspect to watch out for this year. It's a conflict happening between Saturn's desire for order that is being challenged by the disturbance of Uranus kicking up the dirt just because it feels better to do something than nothing.

In astrology, squares are aspects of friction between differing agendas. The Saturn/Uranus square waxes and wanes into 2022, and the exact square will happen three times in 2021: Feb 17th (both planets direct), June 14th (Saturn retrograde/Uranus direct) and Dec 23rd (Saturn direct/Uranus retrograde). Marking these dates in your calendar and taking notes along the way will help you retrospectively analyze the fall out from this aspect.

Saturn & Uranus are slower moving planets, and hard aspects between them tend to correlate to large scale challenges and changes in sociopolitical structures. When planets in fixed signs (like Aquarius & Taurus) square off, what you are seeing, feeling and experiencing is this: things that are usually stable and 'fixed' becoming destabilized as they try to restructure in ways that are aligned with a new, emerging reality. Not only that, but this change is happening in times that are often confusing and disruptive.

This bit about things being confusing is especially apparent right now, as we are in the final week of our first Mercury retrograde of the year, which just happens to be in fixed air Aquarius. Mercury is a personal planet, so some of the confusion and conflict between Aquarius & Taurus might be showing up in your life, especially for folks with strong placements in the fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius.

However, unless you have personal planetary placements 'in the line of fire' of the square, this week's Saturn/Uranus square is more likely to be something that you see happening on the world stage. Saturn is a planet that is connected to social consciousness, while Uranus is an outer planet that carries a transpersonal energy. Paired together, they point to changes that seem out of our control that will impact generations to come. Pay attention to the news this week, and take note of anything that might be related to the energy of this square; it's likely there will be more to come on these topics as we move forward this year. 


  • Sun enters Pisces through March 20

Welcome to Pisces season, a liminal swim through the blendy, often bendy waters of the creative & emotional selves. The shift from the sharply focused intellect of Aquarius season to the feeling realms of Pisces is always an interesting one.

Although things may not be straightforward in Pisces season, you do have the ability to shape-shift your inner landscape by becoming more fluent in your own energetic sovereignty.

Ruled by optimistic Jupiter, the Sun in Pisces is seeking spiritual nourishment & mystical connections. It's looking for love, everywhere. Pisces dreams big dreams, and with Neptune in Pisces dissolving the boundaries in a space not known for boundaries, escapism can become a full-time job if you aren't staying grounded. 


  • First Quarter Moon @ 1° Gemini 21'
  • Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus @ 23° 01'

Unlike Wednesday's Saturn/Uranus square - you are quite likely to experience today's squares in your life. The same part of the skies and are being triggered today (Aquarius in Taurus), but with personal planets Venus & Mars.

This is the kind of tension that creates sparks that can quickly die down or heat up. If it's reactivity that fans the flames, the chances are good that you'll end up having the same argument as you usually do, with the same results.

As fate would have it, the First Quarter Moon - a waxing square between the Sun & Moon - is also happening today. The FQM always shows us where we run up against the same problems, and invites us to try a new move in order to change the pattern.

At best, the FQM in Gemini invites you to take get curious about the places you feel stuck, frustrated and otherwise stymied. What would it look like to take a different perspective, or even the opposing point of view? This kind of thinking can help you break through the recapitulating pattern that has you feeling crappy.

At it's worst, the FQM will create a stronger either/or dichotomy. The North Node in Gemini is a gentle reminder that we are all learning to expand our both/and mindset; this alone can help you shift from a breakdown to a breakthrough.


  • Mercury stations direct @ 11° Aquarius 01'

Mercury pivots on his winged heels today, preparing for the third and final trek of 11° - 26° Aquarius this year. Ultimately this final pass through fixed air can help you find some clarity and certainty in places that were feeling murky, and tech wonk can also begin settle down.

A word to the wise - planetary stations are times when a planet is, well, stationary. As in, not moving. Mercury will be at 11° Aquarius from Feb 18th - 25th, before beginning to pick up speed. Don't put too much pressure on your mind or your computer to be high functioning just yet! 

While you may long for things to get back to 'normal', making extra space and time for all the things Mercury has a hand in (communications, travel, commerce, technology, etc) will help to create a smoother transition out of this retrograde period. Move slowly and deliberately and you'll be back on track before you know it, feeling more focused than you have in weeks.



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