Astrology Forecast for Dec 1 - 6

We are still floating in the afterglow of Monday's Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini as we enter the final month of 2020. These next 2 weeks find us in the eclipse portal, shape shifting between old and new identities, preparing for the challenges & opportunities of 2021.

12/1: Mercury enters Sagittarius through 12/20

Mercury prefers the details while Sagittarius wants the big picture. This means that a lot of information that needs sorting will be coming into the mindstream over the next few weeks.

People will have very LOUD and important THINGS TO SAY! 

It's your job to sort through the noise to find the messages for you. Take note of the most important ideas coming through so that you can roll up your sleeves when Mercury enters Capricorn later this month and execute your vision.

12/4: Mercury in Sagittarius trine Chiron rx in Aries

There's an opportunity to receive a healing message today, some information that can help you move beyond the thing that is holding you back in your Aries house. 

Chances are this topic was made extremely obvious in the last few months, thanks to Mars' retrograde here. The question is, and there are always questions wherever Mercury is involved, are you ready to move on?

Fire trines can be too hot to handle if you don't watch out, and this aspect could go sideways real fast if you aren't careful. Make space to listen to your wounded inner child without trying to shush or placate them and you're more likely to win their trust and cooperation.

12/5: Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

The healing vibes keep coming with this water trine from the two "benefics". Venus and Jupiter are the planets that are more likely to bring good news. However, they are both traveling in signs where they are limited in some way.

This means that a melancholy wallowing in all that is not working is possible, and maybe even probable if you get flooded in the emotional current. 

Try this. Imagine this aspect is a nice hot epsom salt bath, a softening soak after a hard year's night. Remember - you get to decide what you put in the water; choose wisely and you can melt even the toughest barriers to the heart. 

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