Astrology Forecast for Dec 21 - 27

Celestial movements 12/21 - 12/27; all dates PST

MON 12/21: Sun enters Capricorn; Jupiter/Saturn conjunction @ 0° Aquarius

A new season and a new age begin. Sun in Capricorn focuses on legacy building and planning out the next year. Jupiter & Saturn's Great Conjunction rings a bell of Inner Revolution and social change that will reverberate for decades to come. First Quarter Moon in Aries brings an extra boost of courage to face the challenges that might appear as you move forward into the future.

WED 12/23: Mars/Aries square Pluto/Capricorn @23°; Mercury/Capricorn square Chiron/Aries @4°

Emotional intensity is on high alert as the combo of astro aspects just might have you reacting personally to any disruptions or disagreements in your day. Work with this powerful energy by steering clear of drama and staying focused on your own healing & transformation.

TH 12/24: Mercury/Capricorn trine Uranus/Taurus @6°

This aspect can open unlimited possibilities in your mind or it can overload your nervous system. Staying grounded & hydrated will assist the energy in moving more smoothly in your system. An aha moment is just around the bend.

FRI 12/25: Sun/Capricorn square Chiron/Aries @4°

It's easy to get stuck in old stories and scripts today. Remember - you've been working on healing this wound all year long. Let any tension bring you to a breakthrough moment, not a temper tantrum induced meltdown.

Su 12/27: Sun/Capricorn trine Uranus/Taurus @6°

The aha moment arrives, along with a boost in confidence in how you will execute your 2021 plans and visions. You've got this!

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