Astrology Forecast for Dec 28 2020 - Jan 3, 2021

Astro Weather 12/28 - Jan 3; all times PST

MON 12/28: Pallas Athena in Aquarius square Uranus in [email protected]°

Ambitious and daring, Athena is the asteroid of creative intelligence. She's first on the Aquarian scene to square off with the revolutionary (or is that rebel without a cause?) Uranus in Taurus. A patron goddess of protection & heroic endeavors, her early engagement with an aspect (planets in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus) we will all see and feel play out over the course of 2021 brings the boon of pre-planning strategy for the conflicting interests of fixed air and fixed earth.

As a collective, the squares between Athena, Jupiter & (especially) Saturn in Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus signal a shift in eras. On an individual level, the natal houses with Taurus & Aquarius on the cusps will be important areas of growth, frustration & change all year long; Pallas Athena has some wisdom to impart if you are willing to get out of your usual way of thinking.

TUES 12/29: Full Moon @8° Cancer 

The final Full Moon of 2020 is in the same sign the first Full Moon of 2020. The difference? This Cancer Full Moon is NOT an eclipse; rather, it is a regular ole Full Mood, I mean Full Moon, in Cancer. Depending on how much you're drinking, there may be a fair amount of nostalgia washing up on shore today.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is one of structure; of the parent/child and the container/contained. Ultimately these two signs teach us a lot about dependency and self-sufficiency through our inherited traits and familial patterns, especially the one's we keep perpetuating through any attachment difficulties we may have experienced in childhood.

Today's Full Moon T-square (Sun/Father in Capricorn, Moon/Mother in Cancer and Chiron/Child in Aries) activates that dynamic one more time, revealing your scores in both emotional maturity and emotional intelligence. Instead of judging yourself a failure, try nurturing the part of you that feels the most lacking. 

WED 12/30: Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces @18°; Vesta in Virgo square Nodes of the Moon @19°

Venus and Neptune have a hard time seeing eye to eye under the haze of a Full Moon emo-hangover, stirring up tension between love and the dream of love. Venus seeks unfettered freedom but Neptune casts a urge to merge spell on the heart. Vesta is busy sorting seeds, taking care to pack only the most nutrient dense varieties for the New Year. You would do wise to do the same.

THURS 12/31: Venus/South Node conjunction in Sagittarius *and* Venus in Sagittarius opposite North Node in Gemini @19°; Venus in Sagittarius square Vesta in Virgo @20°

As we cross the New Year's Eve threshold, the Goddess of Love confronts the past and future from the present moment while the Priestess in Virgo contemplates what's worth dedicating her life to protect. Venus conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius emphasizes the need to burn past habits of excess in order to even see the right questions to ask the Oracle. 

FRI 1/1: Mercury in Capricorn square Neptune in Pisces @18°

Executive minded Mercury finds himself in a familiar mental conflict with Neptune, the dreamer. At it's best this square can help you break through logical limits and make a creative plan for the first week of the year. At it's worst, you aren't able to see just how level headed your yearnings really are.

SAT 1/2: Mercury in Capricorn trine Vesta in Virgo @20°

How can your words be in service to what is sacred in your life? What are you committed to speaking into existence? How can you speak with more integrity and less language? Today's astrology invites you to solve questions like these; Luna's shift into Virgo this evening helps you streamline your to-do list.

SUN 1/3: Juno/Sagittarius trine Chiron/Aries @5°

Got some old baggage in your current relationship? With Juno, the asteroid of partnership and Chiron, the wounded healer meeting up in fire, it's a good day to burn that outdated contract. Try engaging in some exuberant play that will have your inner children laughing together. 



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