Astrology Forecast for Jan 18 - 24

all dates pst


  • Sun enters Aquarius (through Feb 18)

The Sun's annual journey in Aquarius encourages you to move past your preconceived notions to come up with a new plan. The Sun will revitalize Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury & Pallas Athena by making conjunctions to each of them in the coming weeks. These Aquarian activations bring fresh ideas to each celestial body. By the time the Sun moves onto Pisces, the topics of your Aquarius house will be crystal clear. 


  • First Quarter Moon @ 1° Taurus
  • Mars/Uranus conjunction @ 6 Taurus
  • Mercury in Aquarius trine North Node in Gemini @ 18°

The loudest astro aspect is the biennial conjunction of Mars & Uranus. Although these two planets have regular conjunctions, they haven't met up in Taurus since 1942. Mars brings aggression to Uranus' unpredictable nature, creating instability in a sign that is usually steady, hard working & comfort loving. The waxing square of the Sun and Moon add pressure to an already heated situation. You might find yourself frustrated with routines so give yourself space to try something new today. Mercury's trine to the North Node can help you widen your perspective; channel the powerful energy into productivity instead of volatility. 


  • Mars in Taurus square Jupiter in Aquarius @ 8°

Still sizzling from his electrifying conjunction with rebel rouser Uranus, Mars' square with Jupiter's expansive optimism can motivate you to make moves toward your future self. Make sure you are aligned with your 'why' before you take action; don't waste your energy on things that don't ring true.


  • Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces @ 19
  • Sun/Saturn conjunction @ 4° Aquarius

The annual conjunction of the Sun and Saturn helps you focus on your Aquarian goals. Always up for the long game, Saturn can help you build something truly unique. Venus and Neptune soften the edges, reminding you that it is possible to blend the practical with the spiritual. Stay connected to your heart and don't be afraid to dream big!



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