Astrology Forecast March 1 - 7

all dates PST


  • Mercury in Aquarius trine North Node in Gemini @ 15° 29'

Mercury wants you to make plans for future growth. What fixed ideas have broken open to reveal new truths? How can releasing what you know make way for what you want? The best way to harness this astro vibe is to look for new perspectives all week long.


  • Venus in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus @ 7° 42'
  • Mars enters Gemini through April 23

Creative breakthroughs want to happen when empathic Venus & rebel Uranus connect in a stimulating sextile. This updraft can carry you through the day if you let it; look for beauty in unexpected places.

Mars's move into Gemini brings a new fresh enthusiasm & flexibility to the astro table. Expect thought processes & communication efforts to receive a boost of energy that will steadily increase over the next 6 weeks. With Mars' tendency towards aggression you'll do wise to remember that wordplay can shape-shift into fighting words before you know it. Think twice before you speak.


  • Mercury/Jupiter conjunct @ 17° Aquarius 33'

These two have met up twice this year, on Jan 11th when both planets were direct, and on Feb 11th when Mercury was retrograde. Now, on their third and final rendezvous, what was hidden suddenly reveals itself. A solution is at hand; trust your clarity.


  • Sun in Pisces square the Nodes @ 15° 22'
  • Last Quarter Moon @ 15° Sagittarius 42'

The Sun is at the crossroads today, in between eclipse seasons. The past is slipping away, no matter how hard we cling to it. The present moment is murky, with flashes of clarity that are easily clouded by confusion. And the future? It's completely indiscernible... yet we keep on swimming toward that unknown horizon with hope in our hearts. Release the need to know the way and you'll find freedom beyond your wildest dreams.




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