Big wave surfing

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Kristina Wingeier
Big wave surfing


MON JUNE 21: Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces @ 23° 12'

Cancer Season begins with some big waves rolling through the week. Today's trine from the Goddess of Love to Mystic Neptune is perfect for reading poetry by the sea or sharing heart truths to a trusted friend. 

TUES JUNE 22: Mercury stations direct @ 16° Gemini 08'

Mercury retrograde may be over, but it will take a couple of weeks before the clarity and speed you are wanting is here. Puzzle pieces will fall into place when you pace yourself. What is the new perspective that will allow you to access the levity you seek?

WED JUNE 23: Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter rx in Pisces @ 2° 10; Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto rx in Capricorn @ 26° 07'

Venus views a future encounter with the Lord of the Underworld in today's opposition. It might feel a little scary, but you've got time to begin letting go of things that are way past their shelf life. Sun trine Jupiter on the eve of the Full Moon may bring some bigger than life feels.



THURS JUNE 23: Full Moon @ 3° Capricorn 28'

It's time to reflect on the foundations you've been building since the New Moon in Capricorn on Jan 13, 2021. What faith sustains you as you continue your climb up the mountain? Where can you acknowledge growth from lessons learned? 

FRI JUNE 24: Neptune stations retrograde @ 23° Pisces 12'

Reflection, reverie and the re-dreaming of a dream. Neptune's annual retrograde brings messages from the depths of your being. Make space for the mystery.

SAT JUNE 25: Venus enters Leo through July 21

It's time for sass and spice, fabulous fashion & playful parties. After a week of so many feelings, Venus's move into Leo is like a bonfire on the beach that warms your limbs after a week in swimming in deep water.



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