Getting down to business

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Kristina Wingeier
Getting down to business


The Moon is waxing all week long, culminating in our second Aquarius Full Moon on Sunday. The Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter, bringing a generous outlook to an something that was feeling rather ominous at the previous Aquarius Full Moon.

A buoyant Sun/Jupiter opposition might just make you feel like you can accomplish anything; Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo helps you deliver on your word.

Both Mercury & Mars trine a stationary Uranus in Taurus. These back to back earth trines can help you intuit new ways of performing whatever tasks are on your to-do list with efficient organization. 

The week ends with the Sun slipping into Virgo a few hours after the Aquarius Full Moon, bringing everything down to earth. It's time to enjoy the final days of summer as we prepare for the new schedules that fall demands.

Aspects covered in this week's audio include:

WED AUG 18: Mercury/Mars conjunction @ 12° Virgo 48'

THURS AUG 19: Sun in Leo opposes Jupiter rx in Aquarius @ 27°14'

THURS AUG 19: Uranus stations retrograde @ 14° Taurus 48'

FRI AUG 20: Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus rx in Taurus @ 14° 48'

SAT AUG 21: Mars in Virgo trine Uranus rx in Taurus @ 14° 47'

SUN AUG 22: Full Moon @ 29° Aquarius 37'

SUN AUG 22: Sun enters Virgo through Sept 22


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