Learn how to work with the Lunar Cycle - a FREE course!

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2021

The moon has fascinated humans since time immemorial. 

Our first time keeper, the Moon gave us a sense of seasons, months, and time. She is a symbol of innate rhythm.

The Moon is always changing, just like life itself.

Tune into the cosmic dance between the Sun, Moon, and Earth as the phases shift from waxing to waning, new to full, and back to new again.

I've designed this FREE class so that you can benefit from tracking the Moon and working with her energy. The phases of the Moon will enhance your understanding of astrology and deepen your connection to the cosmic pulse.


  • How the movements of the Earth, Sun and Moon create lunar phases
  • How the phases of the Moon might feel in your body and lived experience
  • The energetic signature of the 4 main phases of the Moon
  • The importance of the Dark Moon
  • How to reflect on each phase of the Moon in your daily life

Flow with the phases of the Moon

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