Astrology Forecast for Jan 11 - 17



  • Mercury/Jupiter conjunction 5° Aquarius
  • Mercury in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries @ 5°
  • Jupiter in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries @ 5°

Mercury & Jupiter's meeting opens your mind to higher wisdom. Each planet makes a nurturing sextile to Chiron, who holds the key to healing & integration in Aries. The waning Moon in Capricorn supports (trine Mars and Uranus in Taurus) and challenges (square Chiron) the process. The Venus/Moon conjunction can be the salve that bonds or binds - it all depends on your willingness to walk away toxic beliefs that no longer serve your growth.


  • New Moon @ 23° Capricorn (11:22 pm PST)
  • Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus @ 6°
  • Venus in Chiron square Chiron in Aries @ 5°

The Capricorn New Moon is only 3° away from the world changing Saturn/Pluto conjunction that happened one year ago today. Before the luminaries embrace, a Mercury/Uranus...

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Astrology Forecast for Jan 4 - 10



  • Mercury/Pluto conjunction @24° Capricorn

Over the past weeks, Mercury has been helping you build new and lasting plans for the topics of your Capricorn house. Today's conjunction with Pluto means there may be some mental heavy lifting to do as you focus on the week ahead. The waning Moon in Virgo will do it's best to distract you - it is your job to stay focused on the task at hand and avoid frittering the day away.


  • Mars enters Taurus

After spending 6 months in Aries, Mars finally changes signs. On a personal level, this change takes the emphasis from the topics of your Aries house and focuses Mars' mojo into the topics of your Taurus house. A change of scene may feel like a relief; however, Mars is moving from a sign where he has a lot of dignity (by being the planetary ruler of Aries) to a sign where he is in detriment and therefore he's a bit out of sorts.

Taurus is Venus' house, a...

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Astrology Forecast for Dec 28 2020 - Jan 3, 2021

Astro Weather 12/28 - Jan 3; all times PST

MON 12/28: Pallas Athena in Aquarius square Uranus in [email protected]°

Ambitious and daring, Athena is the asteroid of creative intelligence. She's first on the Aquarian scene to square off with the revolutionary (or is that rebel without a cause?) Uranus in Taurus. A patron goddess of protection & heroic endeavors, her early engagement with an aspect (planets in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus) we will all see and feel play out over the course of 2021 brings the boon of pre-planning strategy for the conflicting interests of fixed air and fixed earth.

As a collective, the squares between Athena, Jupiter & (especially) Saturn in Aquarius with Uranus in Taurus signal a shift in eras. On an individual level, the natal houses with Taurus & Aquarius on the cusps will be important areas of growth, frustration & change all year long; Pallas Athena has some wisdom to impart if you are willing to get out of your usual way...

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Astrology Forecast for Dec 21 - 27

Celestial movements 12/21 - 12/27; all dates PST

MON 12/21: Sun enters Capricorn; Jupiter/Saturn conjunction @ 0° Aquarius

A new season and a new age begin. Sun in Capricorn focuses on legacy building and planning out the next year. Jupiter & Saturn's Great Conjunction rings a bell of Inner Revolution and social change that will reverberate for decades to come. First Quarter Moon in Aries brings an extra boost of courage to face the challenges that might appear as you move forward into the future.

WED 12/23: Mars/Aries square Pluto/Capricorn @23°; Mercury/Capricorn square Chiron/Aries @4°

Emotional intensity is on high alert as the combo of astro aspects just might have you reacting personally to any disruptions or disagreements in your day. Work with this powerful energy by steering clear of drama and staying focused on your own healing & transformation.

TH 12/24: Mercury/Capricorn trine Uranus/Taurus @6°

This aspect can open unlimited possibilities in your...

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Astrology Forecast for Dec 14 - 20

Celestial movements 12/14 - 12/20; all dates PST

My friends, this is a WILD week, astrologically speaking. In addition to today's New Moon Eclipse, four planets are changing signs! This sequence is leading us to the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn on Solstice - Monday, December 21st. Pay attention to the intersection of endings and beginnings this week, as we prepare for take off.

ON 12/14: New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius; Venus in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Capricorn; Mercury in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries

Jupiter is King today. Not only does the gas giant rule the sign of Sagittarius, and therefore the energetic frequency woven into the New Moon, but he is also getting ready for a new adventure in freedom loving Aquarius beginning this week.

Nestled into the 28th degree of Capricorn, the great expander is eager to exit a sign (and year) where options have been limited, to put it mildly. Given these circumstances Jupiter is not able to be as generous as...

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Astrology Forecast for Dec 7 - 13

Today's Last Quarter Moon in Virgo says it is time to let go, again. To weed the garden, making room for new growth. Take some time to reflect on what you began to shed during last week's Full Moon eclipse. Think about all the old stories and versions of yourself that you are leaving behind to fade with the waning Moon.

12/7: Pallas Athene enters Aquarius through 3/8/21

The goddess of wisdom is the first planetary body to move into Aquarius this month. Though she will soon be joined by Saturn and Jupiter, her entry into the the Aquarian terrain is a big part of any clarity you find this week, and a harbinger of future success.

12/9: Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

 Squares to Neptune tend to blur the lines. You may find your resolve failing today, or feel confused by what you see. A great day to get non linear and follow your creative flow.

12/10: Sun in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries

Yesterday's self-doubts vanish with this enthusiastic aspect between the Sun and...

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Astrology Forecast for Dec 1 - 6

We are still floating in the afterglow of Monday's Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini as we enter the final month of 2020. These next 2 weeks find us in the eclipse portal, shape shifting between old and new identities, preparing for the challenges & opportunities of 2021.

12/1: Mercury enters Sagittarius through 12/20

Mercury prefers the details while Sagittarius wants the big picture. This means that a lot of information that needs sorting will be coming into the mindstream over the next few weeks.

People will have very LOUD and important THINGS TO SAY! 

It's your job to sort through the noise to find the messages for you. Take note of the most important ideas coming through so that you can roll up your sleeves when Mercury enters Capricorn later this month and execute your vision.

12/4: Mercury in Sagittarius trine Chiron rx in Aries

There's an opportunity to receive a healing message today, some information that can help you move beyond the thing that is holding you back in...

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