Astro Insights July 12 - 18

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Kristina Wingeier
Astro Insights July 12 - 18


Aspects covered in this weeks audio include:

MON JULY 12: Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter rx in Pisces @ 1° 24'

Jupiter wants you to have faith in your healing and attune to the wisdom of your higher mind.

TUES JULY 13: Venus/Mars conjunction @ 19° Leo 49'

The union of opposites stokes the creative fires of your Leo house. Are you ready to receive your heart's true desire? 

THURS JULY 15: Sun in Cancer trine Neptune rx in Pisces @ 23° 06'

Neptune makes everything a little fuzzy. If the wind is knocked out of your sails, allow yourself to float downstream. Messages are found in the reflection of clouds on the water.

SAT JULY 17: Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto rx in Capricorn @ 25° 34'

Feelings of loss, loneliness or insecurity may arise from the depths. What helps you to feel safe and supported when life looms too large? 


Additional aspects (covered on the Cosmic Weather Channel) include:

Pallas Athene station retrograde...

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