Saturn Square Uranus, take two

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Kristina Wingeier
Saturn Square Uranus, take two

JUNE 14 - 20

MON JUNE 14: Saturn rx in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus @ 13° 07'

This week begins with the second (of three) Saturn/Uranus squares. With Saturn retrograde, it's important to review any missed steps in Aquarius. (Hint - it's a mindset shift that is required here.) There's no skipping class where Saturn is concerned, and this can bring up some anxiety or worry. If this threatens to uproot you, ground into the resources at hand. Gathering material evidence is the best way to show yourself what is (or isn't) working; you get to choose which lens you'd like to look through.

THURS JUNE 17: First Quarter Moon @ 27° Virgo 09'

We are closing out Gemini and eclipse season this week, which calls for continued flexibility and an adaptogenic approach. What do you need more of? What can you use less of? The First Quarter Moon in Virgo reminds us to keep it simple, sustainable & streamlined.

SUN JUNE 20: Jupiter stations retrograde @ 2° Pisces...

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