Astrology Forecast for Dec 14 - 20

Celestial movements 12/14 - 12/20; all dates PST

My friends, this is a WILD week, astrologically speaking. In addition to today's New Moon Eclipse, four planets are changing signs! This sequence is leading us to the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn on Solstice - Monday, December 21st. Pay attention to the intersection of endings and beginnings this week, as we prepare for take off.

ON 12/14: New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius; Venus in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Capricorn; Mercury in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries

Jupiter is King today. Not only does the gas giant rule the sign of Sagittarius, and therefore the energetic frequency woven into the New Moon, but he is also getting ready for a new adventure in freedom loving Aquarius beginning this week.

Nestled into the 28th degree of Capricorn, the great expander is eager to exit a sign (and year) where options have been limited, to put it mildly. Given these circumstances Jupiter is not able to be as generous as...

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