Astrological Forecast Feb 15 - 21

all dates PST


  • Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus @ 7° 14'

The Saturn/Uranus square is the astro aspect to watch out for this year. It's a conflict happening between Saturn's desire for order that is being challenged by the disturbance of Uranus kicking up the dirt just because it feels better to do something than nothing.

In astrology, squares are aspects of friction between differing agendas. The Saturn/Uranus square waxes and wanes into 2022, and the exact square will happen three times in 2021: Feb 17th (both planets direct), June 14th (Saturn retrograde/Uranus direct) and Dec 23rd (Saturn direct/Uranus retrograde). Marking these dates in your calendar and taking notes along the way will help you retrospectively analyze the fall out from this aspect.

Saturn & Uranus are slower moving planets, and hard aspects between them tend to correlate to large scale challenges and changes in sociopolitical structures. When planets in fixed signs (like...

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