Astro Insights July 19 - 25

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Kristina Wingeier
Astro Insights July 19 - 25


Aspects covered in this week's audio include:

MON JULY 19: Mercury in Cancer square Chiron rx in Aries @ 12° 55'

How are you translating the information that your wounds are sending you? Are you responding to the present moment or being pulled into the past? Feelings are important messengers, and, they aren't always telling you the truth. Be gentle with yourself.

WED JULY 21: Venus enters Virgo

After weeks of partying in Leo, Venus in Virgo brings things back down to earth in Virgo. Time to focus on simple, practical strategies in love, money & health. It's time to prioritize simple pleasures in your life. Discernment is key.

THURS JULY 22: Venus in Virgo opposes Jupiter rx in Pisces @ 0° 36'

Sometimes you just want to take the easy way out, the path of least resistance. But has this path been serving your best interests? Keep your commitments to yourself today, and have faith that healing is happening. There's magic in the mundane.



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