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Beta Pricing Cohort begins January 1, 2021 

Cosmic Coaching is a small group coaching experience designed for female-identified creatives, magic makers, entrepreneurs, and all-around witchy women.

It's a well-paced combo of small group and one-on-one work. This high touch, bespoke offering limited to 6 participants.

This coaching intensive will help you align your life with cosmic influences such as Moon phases, Mercury retrogrades and other planetary cycles. A cosmic lifestyle helps you gain a nuanced understanding of your own cyclic nature in order to use your time & energy more wisely.

Know the moon, know the mood

While there is no "perfect" moment or even hard and fast rules, having an astrologer (that's me!) tracking planetary movements in your chart can help you know which time periods have supporting qualities for different ventures. 

For example, Cosmic Coaching can help you determine the best time to:

  • write that email
  • pitch your latest idea
  • edit your manuscript
  • redesign your website
  • launch your offer
  • begin a new project
  • tie up loose ends
  • and more!

Working with cosmic influences helps you to work with the flow of energy instead of against it, in life and in business.

It also helps you focus your attention with intention on the areas of life that are being called to evolve during certain time periods.

When you understand and track these astro aspects, you can fully comprehend how you might be feeling about various parts of your life at different times of the week, month and year. With that information, you'd be able to maximize opportunity periods while being prudent when bigger challenges arrive.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, this process helps you to understand your own Celestial DNA, your cosmic wiring as it were. You will able to make choices aligned with your soul's essence as expressed in your personal star chart with more confidence. 

 The language of astrology can be confusing!


Let me translate the cosmos for you.

Astrology is a long game my friends, a long game with quick rewards when you take the planets into consideration. Aligning your actions with the lunar phases alone can change your life.

Better yet, working with me regularly gives you a hotline to the stars. Leave it to me to translate the planetary movements into language you can understand, so you can work with the cosmic flow instead of feeling like you are being blown off course by the winds of change.

With right fit clients I'm able to help you live on path, guided by of your own North Star.

We’ll gather as a group at the beginning of each month to go over major themes & trends and to set goals together. I will also offer cosmic weather report audios to the group M - F on Voxer.

Each participant will also receive:

  • a monthly 1:1 call (60 minutes)
  • weekly delivery of a personalized astro weather report via a personalized Voxer chat
  • BONUS: complimentary membership to the Starlight tier of Moon Club for all participants 
  • BONUS: a ticket to Reflect/Release/Receive workshop to help you move from 2020 - 2021 with focus & grace 

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Cosmic Coaching Interest List


for three months

This is perfect if you are initiating a launch, navigating through a shift in your business, or feeling stuck in your work.

Includes an initial 90 minute session + up to 4 hours of session time per month. You also have full Voxer access during business hours, Monday-Friday. Ask your questions, and I will respond to them with your chart + the chart of your business as my guide.

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