The Cosmic Weather Channel is a way for you to tune in
to the movement of the stars
so that you can better plan your day and meet your goals.

The Cosmic Weather Channel is delivered to you as an audio file by 6pm pacific time every Sunday through Thursday so that you can start your next day with the most up-to-date information on the current astrological energy. 

(Don't worry, you're covered on weekends too. Thursday evening you'll get audio files for Saturday & Sunday; we find this timeframe works well for most timezones.)

With the Cosmic Weather Channel in your pocket (literally, it comes to your Voxer app on your phone!), your day could start knowing that there is a message waiting for you.

When you tune in - before any other distractions come up - this offering helps you reflect on your intentions for the upcoming day. It asks you to offer time for yourself - to spend time with your journal and pen, and ask yourself:

How can you make the most of your day?

What energy is present today + how can you harness it?

How can the movements in the sky guide you today?

Planetary planning for Cosmic Living

On the Voxer app, you will receive guidance on the astrology of the day. This intel includes all aspects of major planets, daily lunar aspects + sign changes in addition to the four main asteroid goddesses and Chiron.

Audios are delivered by 5pm pacific time for the following day. This allows listeners in multiple timezones to access timely astrological information.

Audios are delivered Tuesday - Friday; each Friday you will receive 3 audios to cover Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Length of audios is anywhere from 3 - 10 minutes, depending on how many aspects are covered that day.

You'll also receive a weather guide PDF to support you in understanding all of the astrology that Kristina shares with you.

your morning just got cosmic

Cosmic Weather Channel




I have been a student of the stars for over 20 years, actively consulting & teaching astrology since 2012.

In that time, I've also earned certifications in Depth Hypnosis, Life Coaching & Yoga Nidra, with additional training in herbalism, nutrition & energy medicine.

Prior to consulting and teaching, I worked as a doula & homebirth midwife for 10+ years.

I love astrology, and It is greatest joy to share what I love with others. I am looking forward to sharing these weekday morning astrology audios with you!