Your birth chart is a star map 
and a personal compass.

It is a reflection of your strengths, your challenges and everything in between.

Viewing yourself through an astrological lens can help you understand your own energetic frequency, rhythm & flow. 

When you see yourself this way, you can cultivate more compassion and less judgement about your life choices, actions & habits.

At it's highest, natal astrology has the potential to help you integrate and heal your past experiences so that you can live more fully in the present moment.

It can support you in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding relationship dynamics
  • Supporting your spiritual growth
  • Decoding family patterns
  • Clarifying your career path
  • Learning about your relationship to money
  • Awareness of challenging transits
  • Taking advantage of opportunity periods in your life 

As your celestial guide and cosmic translator, I will help you understand the planetary patterns and correlating personality tendencies in your natal chart. I will also let you know about any major planetary transits that might be impacting your chart so that you can work with these forces more intelligently.

As an astrologer, I weave psychological, traditional and archetypal astrological approaches into my work. As an intuitive, I follow my guidance during session work to hone in on information that can best support your growth & healing.

My sessions are designed to help you trust yourself more so that you can access your own inner wisdom. You will walk away from our time together with clarity about next steps to take, even if the next step is a pause.


30 minute
Essential Self Consult

111 USD

This is a great option for a quick & supportive introduction to your natal chart. We’ll focus on foundations - Sun, Moon, Rising Sign and chart ruler along with the angular structure of your chart. 


60 Minute
Essentials Expanded Consult

180 USD

A full exploration of your natal chart. We'll build upon the foundations and expand into other realms of your chart to help you understand your core personality traits & current life experiences.




30 minute
Follow Up Consult

111 USD

A short session to deepen into your chart or tune into current planetary transits. For returning clients who have booked a 60 or 90 minute reading with me in the past 12 months.


Package of four
60 minute Astrology Consults

625 USD

For returning astrology clients who would like ongoing work together, quarterly check-ins are optimal. This package is to be used within 12 months; booking every 3 months.



Sessions are available by phone or video via the zoom; you will be taken to my scheduling page after purchasing your session. Please have your birth details with you when you schedule: birth date, time of birth and place of birth. You will receive an email confirmation for your session - please take time to read the information & bookmark that email. 

Recordings are available for video sessions only. I will give you permission to record the session on your computer; this option will not work on a smart phone or tablet. If you want to have a recording of your session plan on meeting on a computer.

PLEASE NOTE: Accuracy of your birth data is important. If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate with your birth time on it, click here to obtain a copy of your birth certificate. For an accurate chart reading, you will need to provide the exact location, date and moment of birth.