Introduction to Guided by Moontide with Kristina Wingeier

Welcome to the introductory episode of Guided by Moontide, an intuitive astrology podcast that explores astrological themes and major planetary transits to support your healing and evolution.


In this mini episode, you’ll meet Kristina and learn about the format of this podcast. You’ll also be introduced to the ebb and flow of the Moon, and why Kristina has chosen to weave the astrological transits into the framework of the lunar cycle.


Episodes are released every New and Full Moon.


Guided by Moontide is hosted by Kristina Wingeier, Intuitive Astrologer + Soul Counselor. She has been studying astrology since her teens, practicing as a professional astrologer since 2016, and watching the moon, stars & planets as long as she can remember. Kristina works one on one with clients around the globe, in addition to creating regular astro content for her patrons in different memberships. You can check out her work or book a consultation with Kristina on her website.

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